Animal Derived Ingredients

In a vegan world, we wouldn’t need to worry about the hidden animal ingredients as they would not be freely available. Suppliers would readily choose additives that are plant based. Unfortunately, in our current system of routine animal slaughter, and due to the preference we have for consuming only certain body parts, the by-products abound. They are cheaper than the plant-based alternatives as there is no alternate market for them and they would otherwise be seen as waste products.

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Sources of Animal Derived Ingredients

After slaughter and the removal of all prime cuts and saleable items, the carcass is sent to the rendering plant to be converted into usable material. These are the bits and pieces of animals who make people squeamish and which you would not know about: fat, blood, bones, offal, brain matter, eyes, cartilage, tendons, feathers and fur. Not only healthy farm animals are used, the material can be sourced from downed animals who never made it to the kill floor as well as euthanased animals from veterinarians, Nature Reserves and zoos. Their appearance, flavour, smell and chemical structure are altered and the end product is sanitised behind the names of chemical compounds, E numbers, vitamins and innocuous terms like “gelatine”.

As a vegan looking for ethical food choices, you will soon get into the habit of reading labels. It is inadvisable to “trust” the manufacturer’s sense of goodwill. This is not in their mandate, which is to create a product that is not lethal to humans and will generate profit for the company. Compassion and animal rights very seldom play a part in their marketing and production strategies.

Be willing to avoid products that are not properly labelled unless you have assurances they contain no animal ingredients. When eating out, don’t expect the waitrons to know the ingredients in the food. They are not involved in the cooking process and will not be able to find out the details from the kitchen staff in the middle of service. Rather phone ahead and speak to the chef personally. Unless the menu or product packaging specifically says suitable for vegans, then it probably isn’t.

Wherever possible, buy from ethical, vegan companies. Help them grow into thriving businesses with your support.

Labelled and Obviously Animal Derived Ingredients

Dairy Products – present in almost every processed food under the guise of whey protein, butterfat, milk protein, cheese flavouring, cream or casein. They are used in almost all sweets, desserts, sauces, soups, casseroles and cosmetic products and chocolates; even unethically, in so-called “dark” chocolate.

Gelatine – made from the boiled hooves, bones, skin and ligaments of pigs, cows or fish and is found in marshmallows, jelly, sweets, custards, desserts, vitamin capsules, nail varnish, golf balls and matches.

Eggs – mayonnaise, desserts, soups, cakes, breads, biscuits and some pastas. Check the source of lecithin, if it isn’t soya, then it will be egg lecithin.

Shrimp Paste – found in many thai curries.

Stock – a special note needs to be made about stock. Many people dismiss stock as it seems to represent such a small portion of the dish to be consumed. However, the truth is that the animals used for stock are those that cannot be sold as prime cuts. They are the bruised, battered and abused bodies of animals who have lived the longest lives and thus endured the most suffering. Typically they are sourced from the mothers: egg laying hens and dairy cows.

Chicken Stock can be found in butternut soup, vegetable soup, cheese sauce, tomato-based pastas, and potato bakes.

Beef Stock is used in many sauces and spices: BBQ sauce, hot chips and crisps, bovril, and vegetable soups.

Fish, Shrimp and Oyster Stock can be found in many foods that are misleadingly marked as vegetarian.

Possibly Animal Derived Supplements

? Amino Acids – Red Meat
? Alanine
? Arginine
? Asparagine
? Aspartic Acid
? Cysteine
? Cystine
? Glutamic Acid
? Glutamine
? Glutathione
? Glycine
? Histidine
? Isoleucine
? Leucine
? Lysine
? Methionine
? Phenylalanine
? Proline
? Serine
? Taurine
? Tryptophan
? Threonine
? Tyrosine
? Valine
? Beta Carotene – Provitamin A
? Biotin – Vitamin B Factor
? B Vitamins – Red Meat
? Calciferool – Vitamin D
? Calcium – Dairy
? Calcium Carbonate – bones, teeth, shells, plant ash
? Chelated – Amino Acids
? Choline
? Chromium – Egg
? Ergocalciferol – Vitamin D2, Vitamin D3
? Inositol
? Iodine – Seafood
? Iron – Liver
? Lecithin
? Lipoids/Lipids
? Omega 3 – Fish
? Phosphorous – Red Meat and Dairy
? Potassium – Dairy
? Probiotics – Lactobacillus – Dairy
? Riboflavin
? Selenium – Fish
? Vitamin A – Gelatine, Retinol, Palmitate or Acetate
? Vitamin B5 – Panthenol
? Vitamin B12
? Vitamin D
? Vitamin D3 – Lanolin from Sheep’s Wool
? Vitamin H
? Zinc – Seafood

Possibly Animal Derived Ingredients

? Allantoin
? Amino Acid
? Aminiuccinate Acid DL and L
? Aminosuccinate Acid DL and L
? Artificial Colours
? Benzoic Acid
? Choline Bitartate
? Deoxyribonucleic Acid
? Glutamic Acid
? Imidazolidinyl Urea
? Insulin
? Isopropyl Myristate
? Natural Flavour
? Natural Source
? Nucleic Acid
? Panthenol
? Polypeptides
? Ribonucleic Acid

Definitely Animal Derived Ingredients


x Acetate
x Acetylated Hydrogenated Lard Glyceride
x Acetylated Lanolin
x Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol
x Acetylated Lanolin Ricinoleate
x Acetylated Tallow
x Adrenaline
x Albumen/Albumin
x Alcohols – Aliphatic and Triterpene
x Aliphatic Alchohol
x Ambergris
x Amerachol TM
x Ammonium Hydrolyzed Protein
x Amniotic Fluid
x AMPD Isoteric Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Amylase
x Animal Collagen Amino Acids
x Animal Keratin Amino Acids
x Animal Protein Derivative
x Animal Tissue Extract — Epiderm Oil R
x Arachidonic Acid
x Aspartic Acid
x Aspic


x Batyl Alcohol
x Batyl Isostearate
x Bee Pollen
x Beeswax
x Benzyltrimonium Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Beta Carotene
x Brain Extract
x Buttermilk


x C30-46 Piscine Oil
x Calfskin Extract
x Calcium Hepatonate
x Calcium Phytate
x Calcium Mesoinositol Hexaphosphate
x Cantharides Tincture – Spanish Fly
x Cantharidin
x Caprylic Acid
x Carbamide – Urea, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Uric Acid
x Carmine – Cochineal
x Carminic Acid — Natural Red No. 4
x Casein
x Caseinogen
x Castor – Castoreum (not Castor Oil)
x Catgut
x Catharidin
x Ceteth-2 – Poltethylene (2) Cetyl Ether
x Ceteth-1, -2, -4, -6, -10, -30
x Cetyl Alchohol
x Cetyl Lactate
x Cetyl Myristate
x Cetyl Palmitate
x Cholesterol
x Cholesterin
x Chondroitin
x Civet
x Cochineal
x Cod-Liver Oil
x Coleth-24
x Collagen
x Cortico Steroid
x Cortisone
x Cysteine, -L-Form
x Cystine (or Cysteine)


x Dea-Oleth-10 Phosphate
x Desamido Animal Collagen
x Desamidocollagen
x Dicapryloyl Cystine
x Diethylene Tricaseinamide
x Dihydrocholesterol
x Dihydrocholesterol Octyledecanoate
x Dihydrocholeth-15
x Dihydrocholeth-30
x Dihydrogenated Tallow Benzylmoniumchloride
x Dihydrogenated Tallow Methylamine
x Dihydrogenated Tallow Phthalate
x Dihydroxyethyl Tallow Amine Oxide
x Dimethyl Hydrogenated Tallowamine
x Dimethyl Tallowamine
x Disodium Hydrogenated TallowGlutamate
x Disodium Tallamido Mea-Sulfosuccinate
x Disodium Tallowaminodipropionate
x Ditallowdimonium Chloride
x Down
x Dried Buttermilk
x Dried Egg Yolk
x Duodenum


x Edubke Bond Phosphate
x Egg
x Egg Oil
x Egg Powder
x Egg Protein
x Egg Yolk
x Egg Yolk Extract
x Elastin
x Embryo Extract
x Ergisterol
x Ergocalciferol
x Estradiol
x Estradiol Benzoate
x Estrogen
x Estrone
x Ethyl Arachidonate
x Ethyl Ester of Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Ethyl Morrhuate – Lipineate
x Ethylene Dehydrogenated Tallowamide


x Feathers
x Fish Glyceride
x Fish Liver Oil
x Fish Oil
x Fish Scales
x Fletan oil
x Fur


x Gelatine (not Gel)
x Glucosamine
x Glucuronic Acid
x Glycerides
x Glyceryl Diacetate
x Glyceryl Lanolate
x Glyceryl triacetate
x Glycine
x Glycogen
x Guanine – Pearl Essence


x Heptylundecanol
x Hide Glue
x Honey
x Human Placental Protein
x Human Umbilical Extract
x Hyaluronic Acid
x Hydrogenated Animal Glyceride
x Hydrogenated Ditallow Amine
x Hydrogenated Honey
x Hydrogenated Laneth-5, -20, -25
x Hydrogenated Lanolin
x Hydrogenated Lanolin Alcohol
x Hydrogenated Lard Glyceride
x Hydrogenated Shark-Liver Oil
x Hydrogenated Tallow Acid
x Hydrogenated Tallow Betaine
x Hydrogenated Tallow Glyceride
x Hydrolyzed Animal Elastin
x Hydrolyzed Animal Keratin
x Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Hydrolyzed Casein
x Hydrolyzed Elastin
x Hydrlyzed Human Placental Protein
x Hydrolyzed Keratin
x Hydrolyzed Silk
x Hydroxylated Lanolin


x Isinglass
x Isobutylated Lanolin
x Isopropyl Lanolate
x Isopropyl Tallowatelsopropyl Lanolate
x Isostearic Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Isostearoyl Hydrolyzed Animal Protein


x Keratin
x Keratin Amino Acids


x Lactic Yeasts
x Lactose – Milk Sugar
x Laneth-5 through -40
x Laneth-9 and -10 Acetate
x Lanolin – Wool Fat; Wool Wax
x Lanolin Acid
x Lanolin Alcohols – Sterols
x Lanolin Linoleate
x Lanolin Oil
x Lanolin Ricinoleate
x Lanolin Wax
x Lanoinamide DEA
x Lanosteral
x Lard
x Lard Glyceride
x Lauroylhydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Leather
x Leucine
x Linoleic Acid
x Lipase
x Liver Extract
x Lysine


x Magnesium Lanolate
x Magnesium Tallowate
x Mammarian Extract
x Marine Oil
x Mayonnaise
x MEA-Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Menhaden Oil – Pogy Oil; Mossbunker Oil
x Methionine
x Milk
x Mink Oil
x Minkamidopropyl Diethylamine
x Monoacetate
x Monoacetin
x Monoglycerides
x Muscle Extract
x Musk
x Musk Ambrette
x Myristoyl Hydrolyzed Animal Protein


x Neat’s-Foot Oil


x Octyl Dodecanol – Stearyl Alchohol
x Oleamidopropyl Dimethylamine Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Oleic Acid
x Oleostearine
x Oleoyl Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Oleth-2, and 3
x Oleth-5, and 10
x Oleth-10
x Oleth-25 and 50
x Oleyl Alcohol
x Oleyl Betatine
x Oleyl Arachidate
x Oleyl Imidazoline
x Oleyl Lanolate
x Ovarian Extract
x Ox Bile
x Oxgall
x Oxystearin


x Palmitate
x Palmitic Acid
x Palmitoyl Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Palmitoyl Hydrolyzed Milk Protein
x Panthenol
x Pearl Essence
x PEG-28 Glyceryl Tallowate
x PEG-8 Hydrogenated Fish Glycerides
x PEG-5 through -70 Hydrogenated Lanolin
x PEG-13 Hydrogenated Tallow Amide
x PEG-5 to -20 Lanolate
x PEG-5 through -100 Lanolin
x PEG-75 Lanolin Oil and Wax
x PEG-2 Milk Solids
x PEG-6, -8, -20 Sorbitan Beeswax
x PEG-40, -75, or -80 Sorbitan Lanolate
x PEG-3, -10, or -15 Tallow Aminopropylamine
x PEG-15 Tallow Polyamine
x PEG-20 Tallowate
x Pentahydrosqualene
x Pepsin
x Perhydrosqualene
x Pigskin Extract
x Placental Enzymes, Lipids and Proteins
x Placental Extract
x Placental Protein
x Polyglyceryl-2 Lanolin Alcohol Ether
x Potassium Caseinate
x Potassium Tallowate
x Potassium Undecylenoyl Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x PPG-12-PEG-50 Lanolin
x PPG-2, -5, -10. -20, -30 Lanolin Alcohol Ethers
x PPG-30 Lanolin Ether
x Pregnenolone Acetate
x Pristane
x Progesterone
x Propolis
x Purcelline Oil Syn


x Quaternium 27


x Rennet
x Rennin
x Retinol
x Royal Jelly


x Sable
x Saccharide Hydrolysate
x Saccharide Isomerate
x Sea Sponge
x Sea Turtle Oil
x Serum Albumin
x Serum Proteins
x Shark-Liver Oil
x Shellac
x Shellac Wax
x Silk
x Silk Amino Acids
x Silk Powder
x Snails
x Sodium Caseinate
x Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate
x Sodium Coco-Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Sodium Hydrogenated Tallow Glutamate
x Sodium Laneth Sulfate
x Sodium Methyl Oleoyl Taurate
x Sodium n-Mythyl-n-Oleyl Taurtate
x Sodium Soya Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Sodium Tallow Sulfate
x Sodium Tallowate
x Sodium / TEA-Lauroyl Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Sodium / TEA-Undecylenoyl Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Sodium Undecylenate
x Soluble (Animal) Collagen
x Soya Hydroxyethyl Imidazoline
x Sperm oil
x Spermaceti diacetin-glyceryl
x Spleen Extract
x Squalene
x Stearamide
x Stearate
x Stearin
x Stearic acid
x Stearyl Alcohol
x Stenol
x Steroid
x Sterol
x Suede


x Tallow
x Tallow Acid
x Tallow Amide
x Tallow Amidopropylamine Oxide
x Tallow Amine
x Tallow Amine Oxide
x Tallow Glycerides
x Tallow Hydroxyethal Imidazoline
x Tallow Imidazoline
x Tallowmide DEA and MEA
x Tallowmidopropyl Hydroxysultaine
x Tallowminopropylamine
x Tallowmphoacete
x Talloweth-6
x Tallow Trimonium Chloride
x Tea-Abietoyl Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Tea-Coco Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Tea-Lauroyl Animal Collagen
x Tea-Lauroyl Animal Keratin Amino Acids
x Tea-Myristol Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Tea-Undecylenoyl Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
x Testicular Extract
x Threonine
x Triacetin
x Triethonium Hydrolyzed Animal Protein Ethosulfate
x Trilaneth-4 Phosphate


x Urea
x Uric Acid


x Whey
x Wood Fat
x Wool Wax Alcohols


x Yoghurt


x Zinc Hydrolyzed Animal Protein

Most of the above mentioned additives are routinely made using animal products, but there are alternatives to many of them that have been created in laboratories. Check with the supplier if you are unsure.

Do you know any ingredients that need to be added to this list? Get in touch with me.

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