Enhancing the Lives of Animals Through Ethical Decisions

Farmed animals are sentient beings. They are self aware. They feel joy and pain. However, we ignore that fact by classifying them as property. Over 62 billion land animals are killed for human consumption every year. That doesn’t include the trillion sea creatures. It doesn’t even include the animals who suffer to death on farms before they reach someone’s plate; like the downed animals who are too sick to walk onto the kill floor, or the millions of male chicks killed in the egg industry.

Take the time to meet a farm animal. Honestly look into her eyes and you will see a huge personality; a living being with preferences, desires, characteristics and idiosyncrasies. What right do we have to subjugate her needs to our desires? Our palate pleasure is not more important than her life. Farm animals have a right to life, freedom and bodily integrity. It is up to us to protect their rights. You can free animals from farms and save their lives by being vegan. Depending on which statistical model you prefer, the number of animals a vegan saves ranges between 85 and over 400 every year, when you include the animals who die as a result of stock farming even before they reach someone’s plate.

The True Lives of Farmed Animals


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